Nice things from attractive people

The This Is Rad! podcast is a “convocast” with the hosts and guests talking about things — ostensibly whatever is in the title for each episode but taking liberties to range far and wide from said topic. Hosted by Kyle Clark (often heard as “the laughing guy” behind Chris Hardwick on The Nerdist Podcast) and Matthew Burnside (regular of The Indoor Kids podcast), here they have their own producer, Natalie Hazen, who chimes into the conversations as well.

This episode focuses on filmmaker John Waters, and brings in comedian Megan Rice, a huge Waters fan who once met the avant-garde auteur.

Both Clark and Rice seem to have, between them, seen almost every Waters film ever filmed, with the exception of the hard-to-find first short, Hag in a Black Leather Jacket. Co-host Burnside, on the other hand, claims to have seen exactly one Waters film, and that one is dimly remembered at best.

“Both Clark and Rice seem to have, between them,
seen almost every Waters film ever filmed.”Huffington Post

A number of the director’s movies contain scenes that some find on a spectrum from disturbing to disgusting and — spoiler alert — Clark and Rice discuss and describe a number of them in some detail. With Waters as a launchpad for the episode, hosts and guest share a number of stories that revolve around either the Waters’ movies or the elements within those movies that seem to have planted a number of memory milestones in their adulthood development.

With its unrestrained language, together with Clark’s trademark laugh and a few conversational “tells” that he seems to have picked up from hanging around Hardwick, the show feels a bit like the Nerdist’s id has escaped to release its own podcast.